About Us

Who We Are

The founder of the Let's Hear Foundation, Bruce McKay has a long history of hearing impediments and also suffers from menieres disease. During February of 2014 Bruce realised that there just is not enough been done to assist persons with hearing impediments so after consulting various specialists and getting a great team of advisors together, the Let's Hear Foundtaion was formed during March 2014. We are in the process of registering as a non-profit organisation.

What we Do

The aim of the foundation is to assist persons with hearing impediments no matter the age or cultural backgrounds in which ever form possible, including fund raising for cochlear implants, fitting of hearing aids and providing as much information as possible in order to assist persons to not only identitfy hearing loss but also how to live and treat persons with hearing impediments. 

Further to that we are establishing an interactive blog where you can share your stories and ask questions that can be answered by our very able advisory panelas well as other.

What We Want To Achieve

As a foundation we would like to create awareness to the general public about hearing loss through communication and information as well as fund raising events. we would like to see persons with hearing impediments, no matter how serious they are to be treated with respect and acknowledged for the role they play in our society.


Meet The Team

info will be added soon...